Treat yourself to a shiny new smile with our life enhancing cosmetic treatments

Adam Toft provides a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry to simply refresh or completely transform your smile. From the attractive coverage provided by custom-made veneers (link) and crowns (link) to revolutionary dental implants (Link) that fill in gaps and restore functionality.

If you are seeking straighter teeth, we offer a number of adult-friendly orthodontic treatments that are far more discreet and comfortable than traditional fixed braces. Thanks to highly tailored treatment, which is now planned in advance, these techniques are also often quicker and less expensive.

For a simple smile boost, our tooth whitening treatments (link), available in-surgery or for use at home, will leave you beaming with renewed confidence.

Don’t let embarrassment about the current condition of your teeth put you off, Adam has wide ranging experience of treating a whole host of patients with all kinds of dental issues. This understanding, combined with continued advancements in cosmetic dentistry, mean there really are so many ways we can help.

Smart cover-ups for unsightly teeth

Crowns mask the unsightly appearance of broken, decayed, discoloured or extensively filled teeth, or those that have had root fillings. They are normally made from porcelain or an equally strong and natural-looking material.

How is a crown fitted ?

  • You have a local anaesthetic so the procedure feels similar to having a filling.
  • We prepare your tooth by removing a very thin outer layer to accommodate the crown, but still leave a strong core.
  • Once suitably shaped we take moulds of your teeth and note their colour so the technician has as much information as possible to be able to create a crown that will blend in perfectly.
  • While you are waiting for your crown, we fit a temporary restoration to protect your tooth.
  • The temporary crown is removed and the tooth surface cleaned. The new crown is tried out on the tooth to make sure it fits well and looks great. After any necessary adjustments, the crown is then cemented onto the prepared tooth

Looking after your crown

The crown itself is resistant to decay but problems can crop up where it joins the tooth, so it is important to brush at least twice a day and clean between teeth with floss.

Regular check-ups will allow us to spot any problems and carry out any treatment required to maintain your crown.

Restoring your smile and boosting your self-esteem

Dental implants act just like tooth roots to provide a strong support for replacement teeth or they can be used to secure ill-fitting dentures. They offer a host of benefits and provide a longer lasting way to restore your smile and improve your confidence.

How do dental implants work ?

Essentially substitute tooth roots, dental implants are cylindrical posts that are carefully positioned in your jawbone to create a firm foundation for new teeth. They are made from titanium – a metal that is very well tolerated by the body – and after a few months they fuse neatly with your bone.

What is the treatment process ?

  • So we can create a customised treatment plan, we assess your teeth, gums and the condition of your jaw bone, as well as taking note of your general health.
  • If you don’t have sufficient bone density, we may carry out additional grafting procedures to ensure any implants can be anchored firmly in place.
  • The titanium fixtures are then placed in your bone using a minor surgical procedure.
  • Once in position, you will just need to wait for the implants to fuse with your bone. This takes a few months, but once this bonding process has taken place, the implants will be ready to support your brand new teeth.

The benefits

By filling in unsightly gaps with realistic looking teeth, dental implants will not only enhance your smile, they can also:

  • Improve your facial shape.
  • Eliminate the need for dentures which, if ill-fitting, can cause a number of irritating problems such as slurred speech and impaired chewing ability.
  • Be used for better fitting ‘implant retained’ dentures.

How long will they last?

Just like your natural teeth, implants need to be kept clean with frequent brushing and flossing. If you keep on top of your dental hygiene and attend regular check-ups, your implants should remain in great condition and last for years.

Discreet orthodontic treatments delivered with expertise and attentive care

An increasing number of adults are looking to straighten their teeth, thanks to a new generation of exciting orthodontic treatments. Whether your teeth are gappy, overcrowded or just a little crooked, Adam can provide a range of options with grown-up benefits – including discreet looks, convenience and speedy results. He has undertaken extensive postgraduate training and has vast experience in delivering a full range of orthodontic treatments to suit all needs and budgets.

Adam has a specialist interest in smile makeovers with a particular passion for adult orthodontics. He understands and truly appreciates how a smile can change someone’s life.

For those seeking a more subtle solution, Adam offers Invisalign and Smile Tru. Made from clear, comfortable materials and completely free from brackets and wires, these aligners provide less noticeable treatment and can also be conveniently removed for short periods.

Fixed metal braces are still one of the most effective orthodontic treatment methods, particularly when dealing with more complex ‘bite’ issues. For a truly modern alternative, Adam can provide C-Fast and Fastbraces so you can benefit from all the advantages of a fixed brace with the added bonus that they will blend in beautifully, thanks to discreet brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

Before any treatment takes place, Adam will thoroughly examine your teeth and suggest the most appropriate solution, taking into account your personal requirements and specific orthodontic needs. Everything will be fully explained prior to treatment, so you feel completely confident about what to expect. Adam will openly discuss the pros and cons of a particular orthodontic treatment, as well as any possible risks, and he will also let you know about any available alternatives.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment

As well as the improved self-esteem and boosted confidence that come from an obvious aesthetic transformation, orthodontic treatment has numerous other benefits, including better oral health and the ability to eat more comfortably. When our teeth are well-aligned they are much easier to keep clean because you can brush and floss with ease, and there are fewer gaps to trap bacteria.

A neater ‘bite’ allows you to chew food without putting pressure (and causing excess wear) on certain parts of the mouth. And realignment of the teeth and jaw can also have a significant impact on the overall look of your face, helping to balance the look of your chin, lips and cheeks.

Enlighten Whitening – for a brand new smile in as little as an hour

As we get older, our teeth become more porous and susceptible to staining, so they may begin to lose their sparkle. This discolouration can be caused by consuming dark coloured food and drink like coffee, tea and berries, or by smoking. These kind of stains are known as ‘extrinsic’ because they stain the outside of the enamel. It is also possible for our teeth to become discoloured ‘intrinsically’ due to certain medications that change the inner structure, damage to a tooth, or root fillings.

You may feel embarrassed about your discoloured teeth and keep them hidden with a strategically placed hand while talking, or refuse to smile for photos. We can help you smile freely again with our professional tooth whitening treatments.

Enlighten Whitening – for a brand new smile in as little as an hour

For a quick, bright boost we can offer Enlighten Whitening, an in-surgery treatment that works its magic in as little as an hour. This type of whitening is perfect for busy patients or if you prefer not to use gels and trays at home.

Home whitening – for your convenience

If you are looking for treatment to use at your own convenience, we can supply custom-made tooth trays and Nite White gels. By wearing the trays for just a few hours each day, you will see an improvement within just a few days, although it can take up to 20 days to see the full results.

Adam Toft tooth whitening – the safer choice

Tooth whitening is a safe, comfortable way to transform a lacklustre smile. The risks of damage are very low, as long as it is carried out under professional guidance by a registered dentist.

Dr Toft has received significant training and has considerable experience in delivering many tooth whitening treatments. In fact, he lectures and demonstrates on tooth whitening for dental professionals across the UK, and we only use those treatments that have been tried, tested and recommended by him.

So rest assured you will benefit from the safest, most up-to-date and effective treatments available – all carried out under our expert supervision.

The tooth whitening process

Before any whitening takes place, we will make sure your teeth are healthy and there are no underlying issues that could cause problems further down the line. We will also discuss what you hope to achieve from the whitening treatment, whether you want a subtle improvement or a dramatic transformation and we will tailor your treatment accordingly, carefully planning and colour matching the results.

Tooth whitening is suitable for most people, but restored teeth (those with fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers) cannot be whitened.
The effects of tooth whitening will be noticeable and you’re sure to be happy with the results, but we do recommend repeat treatments at regular intervals for optimum and lasting effects. The length of time between treatments will depend on your lifestyle and diet.

Once your customised trays have been produced you can re-use them by purchasing extra vials of gel from us when required.

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Truly modern dental care with a traditional approach

With a special interest in smile makeovers, Adam understands and truly appreciates how an enhanced smile can change lives. As well as offering exemplary general dental care,

he also strives to provide his clients with services often thought to be unobtainable outside major cities. Having completed extensive postgraduate training in orthodontics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry,